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When writing an academic thesis there are always many aspects to consider. In addition to the thorough research, correct spelling and appropriate formatting uniqueness of the written is no less important. What scientific value would your work have if it were simply “written off”? In order for your thesis to be professional and serious, it is important to refer to works of literature written by other scientists. Simply copying the entire sections is a bad idea. They have to be somehow edited or rewritten. So plagiarism check is a stage that must necessarily be included in the writing process.

What is meant by the term “plagiarism”?

First, you have to be clear on what is plagiarism and how you can check the uniqueness of your own text. Plagiarism is the talk, if one wants to represent foreign achievements, as own. In the context of scientific activity, it is about the adoption of foreign ideas and their use in a work, without mentioning authorship. So you have to do with the citation as well as with the footnotes. It often happens that a student forgets, accidentally or inattentively, to provide appropriate sources. The presence of plagiarism can make all efforts of the student at once in vain. That’s why you have to be careful with the simplest scientific work, and even check a housework for plagiarism.

What is the best way to check a work for plagiarism?

Many students find it only takes a few minutes to check a text for plagiarism. There are many online services available, but they are not free! As a result, you have to be willing to spend money and wait a while. To what extent is it safe, the question remains open. In addition, there is a risk that your work will be transferred to third parties or somehow accessible on the Internet. Unnecessary nerves and fears are guaranteed in this case.

We want to introduce our writing agency to protect you from the stress and earn your trust. We guarantee that our service is both qualitative and safe. Our writing agency does not only deal with the plagiarism check of a bachelor thesis or dissertation, but also with the writing of the academic papers. That’s why our authors are very familiar with the specifics of academic writing and know exactly how to create a work so that it does not involve plagiarism. The key point is a correct citation that not all students inquire about. Thus, a student may be unlucky if he omits any source or does not indicate accordingly. Why not hand over this task to the professionals? Our authors bring your work very quickly into the proper situation, so you get one hundred percent no plagiarism reproach, for example, in your housework.

From specialist work to bachelor thesis: no plagiarism is detected!

The presence of plagiarism in a work could not only be a cause of a bad grade, you can not be allowed to defend at all. Even if a text does not require authorship at first glance and is accessible on many websites, it does not mean that you can easily use entire passages in your own work without referring to an author. So how can you avoid plagiarism so as not to get into an embarrassing situation?

Take notes immediately if you use a quote. Many students often use scientific sources but simply forget to mention it. So any software plagiarism finds in a work.

Always avoid the “copy-paste” method. To scour hundreds of works and web pages and write your own out of various “abstracted” abstracts is also not a path to success. Therefore, you prefer to use foreign publications and works as a source of information, but try to write unique work.

Checking reduces the risk of omitting a footnote or indicating an incorrect source in the bibliography. Therefore, take your time if you are planning a plagiarism check for your bachelor thesis.

With us you can not only expect a qualitative plagiarism check, but also claim a detailed plagiarism report. But you have to pay extra for this service, but you get a plagiarism scan, in which our quality department sets out clear, precise information with quantitative information about plagiarism in your work. We take care of every customer and therefore offer only quality service. Contact us for professional help!