We are changing the way data warehouse projects are being governed

Ráiteas is supporting users in an effort to get the most out of existing data warehousing technologies. Our focus is on understanding and spreading knowledge about the data models we spend so much time on developing – but so little time on documenting. To a company knowledge is not just data it is – perhaps more importantly – about understanding data, about keeping and growing this valuable asset within the company.

Up-to-date documentationUp-to-date-documentation

Ráiteas is a tool for analysing, investigating and visualising the data model inside a data warehouse in close to real time.


Communication of complex informationCommunication-of-complex-information

Central to Ráiteas is the UI accessible to all team members via a modern web interface. It encourages sharing and exploring a common picture of the emerging data model and lineage. A picture is worth a thousand words.


Project Managementproject-management

Ráiteas provides an advanced tool for management of data warehouse development projects. RAMP empowers project managers, business analysts and non-technical team members by giving them a bird´s-eye view of the database.