Database Activity Monitoring

with a Collaborative Twist.


One organisation
Thousands of employees
Millions of customers.

How secure is
your sensitive data?

Ráiteas turns SQL logs
into a graph model
supporting deep analysis.



Are you struggling with your database projects?

Do you need you project manager to actually see

what you have created inside the database?

Do you wish you could share your data model

and sql knowledge with your team?

Try the demo with user password demo


We offer a database activity monitoring platform to track your sensitive data. Our system is non-invasive and easy to deploy; we are using the standard log available in any data warehouse.

Supported databases:

  • Teradata
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSQL
  • MySQL
  • Your data warehouse - let us know.


We are looking for partners

We are actively looking for investors to help us develop our sales network and grow business.